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Zoo Cougar Streamer - Black

Zoo Cougar Streamer - Black

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I found this fly on the "fly of the week" website and  had some made up by our tiers. Here is what the designer had to say about it.

Zoo Cougar

Created and Tied by Kelly Galloup
Troutsman Fly Shop, Traverse City, Michigan

"The Zoo Cougar has without a doubt been the most productive fly for really big trout I have ever fished. This fly was the first of the floating fly concept and has still been the best of the bunch. A floating fly is a fly designed to be pulled under by the sinking line, as opposed to weighting the fly. This allows the fly to be kicked and pushed by the currents when it’s not being stripped, giving the fly a very real and erratic movement." -  Kelly Galloup

Pro tied on sticky sharp streamer hooks.

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