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Whitlock Matuka Sculpin - Black

Whitlock Matuka Sculpin - Black

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Sculpins are small bottom-dwelling fish unlike shiners and smelt who travel in schools, are solitary by nature. Spending most of there life on the river bottom. Trout and Smallmouth Bass intercept them in between rocks as they travel between them. This pattern is another one of Dave Whitlock's innovative designs.

Here's what one customer said about this fly, in brown,for Pacific Silver Salmon.

"They work great for Pacific Silver Salmon because all the rivers have Sculpins.
The number 2s' are the way to go for me here. (Alaska) My Brother was here this last week and has never fly fished. I tied on one of these with a weight, got him swinging it in the river and he picked up one Huge Rainbow and three good Silvers."

The flies work well here.

- ard97

Pro tied on Japanese chemically sharpened streamer hooks.

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