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Small Pac Gamakatsu  B10S -25 pac   1/0  2/0 and  3/0

Small Pac Gamakatsu B10S -25 pac 1/0 2/0 and 3/0

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The Gamakatsu B10S "Stinger" hook is perfect for making spun deerhair bugs & sliders for saltwater fishing. Ideal hook for many snook & redfish patterns. Similar to the SC15 in style & shape, but over sized. The #4 B10S is approximately the same size as the #1 SC15. Proportionately, the shank length of the B10 is slightly longer than that of the SC15. Super sharp, small barb, featuring Gamakatsu's nickle silver black finish.

Hook length #14  -12mm -hook gap (shank to point) 4mm
Hook length #12  -14mm -hook gap (shank to point) 5mm
Hook length #10  -17mm-hook gap (shank to point)6 mm
Hook length #8 - 20mm -hook gap (shank to point) 7mm
Hook length #6 - 23mm - hook gap (shank to point) 9mm
Hook length #4 - 25mm - hook gap (shank to point) 11mm
Hook length #2 - 32mm - hook gap (shank to point) 13mm
Hook length #1 - 35mm - hook gap (shank to point) 15mm
Hook length 1/0 - 39mm - hook gap (shank to point) 16mm
Hook length 2/0 - 42mm - hook gap (shank to point) 18mm

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