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Irresistible Adams - steelhead

Irresistible Adams - steelhead

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Joe Messenger of Morgantown West Virginia tied the first Irresistible, first called the Deer Hair Drake and later renamed back in the 1930's.Messenger is best known for his unique deer-hair flies, like the Bucktail frog. Many variations of the Irresistible have appeared since messenger tied the first fly many years ago and the Adams Irresistible has become the most popular.

A true all-purpose dry fly, designed to float well in fast broken water and catch everything from Bluegills to Steelhead.

Because they float so well, Irresistibles, and Humpy patterns are the choice of many anglers to use as the lead fly in two fly indicator rigs to fish very small flies effectively. 

The larger sizes  are popular  as a skating  fly for summer run  steelhead.

Pro tied on Japanese chemically sharpened Dai-Riki hooks.

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