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Indicator Stimulator - Royal- white wing

Indicator Stimulator - Royal- white wing

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   Stimulators,  designed by Randall Kaufmann,  are one of the most versatile, popular, and effective dry flies.

Unless fish are selectively feeding on a specific hatch, this is a "go to" fly. Fish probably accept Stimulators for stones, caddis, moths, big drakes, cranes, hoppers, and assorted terrestrials. . .almost anything. They are also a terrific attractor, hence the name. Do not be afraid to fish the larger sizes!

For best results, treat with floatant. Natural drift, twitch, skitter, skate or fish drowned. . .it all works!

These are also the choice of many anglers to use as the lead fly in two fly indicator rigs to fish very small flies effectively. Dressed with floatant they make great strike indicators.

Tied by Pros on sticky sharp Japanese Dai-Riki chemically sharpen hooks.

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