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Gallop Articulated Peanut Envy Yellow size #4/#6

Gallop Articulated Peanut Envy Yellow size #4/#6

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This design is Kelly's tribute to one of the most successful articulated streamer patterns of all time-- Russ Madden's Circus Peanut. He replaced the Estaz body of the original peanut with ice dubbing, and substituted a conehead for lead eyes as the head, still giving it that diving motion that Russ' pattern is so famous for. An additional tuft of marabou behind the head of both hooks helps it maintain a little deeper profile, and it has been fishing just as good, if not better, than the original peanut. Size: #4 front hook size #6 rear hook. Available in Colors: Olive, Black, Blue, White, and Brown/Tan. Pro tied on  sticky sharp Japanese hooks. Fly Length 4.5 inches. (10CM)

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