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Epoxy Grass Shrimp - White

Epoxy Grass Shrimp - White

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The epoxy Surf Candy flies imitating baitfish, designed by Bob Popovics, and have become very popular saltwater flies because of there durability and life like presentation. Bob also designed the Ultra shrimp, an exceptional real life looking shrimp pattern. Our Epoxy Grass shrimp  is a variation of his fly and in the water the most realistic shrimp pattern we carry.

Pro tied on sticky sharp Dai-Riki saltwater hooks with mono weed guard.

Here's what one customer said about this fly.

"Hi again,
Had to make another order, your shrimps are amazing and the 5lb Sea Bass I spent half an hour fighting this morning thought so too.
Cant find a better supplier anywhere and they're worth the short wait...
Kindest regards, Leigh

P.S if you need a re-seller in the UK I could shift these in buckets"




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