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Deep Water Schminnow - Tan

Deep Water Schminnow - Tan

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When outdoor writer Norm Zeigler was in Boulder to do a program for the Boulder Flycasters/Front Range Anglers he talked a bit about his Schminnow pattern developed for Snook fishing on Sanibel Island in Florida.

 It's an attractor pattern that "looks like a cross between a shrimp and a glass minnow with a bit of sand flea thrown in." This style of fly has been responsible for plenty of snook, jacks, snappers,  seatrout, even bonefish.

The original was unweighted...this is a "deep water" variation. Ours are Pro tied on sticky sharp Dai-Riki 930 saltwater hooks, and weighted with 5mm lead eyes. About 2 inches (5cm) long, with full mono weed guard.

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