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Bluegill Assortment 21 Bream Flies BG21- Bluegills

Bluegill Assortment 21 Bream Flies BG21- Bluegills

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After reading my copies of Terry and Roxanne Wilsons Bluegill and Jack Ellis' Sunfishes, two of my favorite books on Bluegill,  I've put together this Bluegill assortment.

All of these flies are mentioned in both books as THE flies to have for larger bluegills. These should help you in your quest (mine too.... as I carry this assortment myself)) to catch the elusive 12 inch "Hubcap" bluegill from some warm southern lake or pond.  Dave Whitlock calls them a "warm water permit".

This assortment contains:

One each of:

Black Marabou streamer #10, Black Ghost Marabou streamer #8, Micky Finn streamer #10, McGinty wet fly #10,professor wet 10, Chappie wet fly #10, Grizzly King wet fly #10, Glass Eye Damsel #12,one of  6 colors of Bully's Bluegill Spider, and one San Juan worm red #10.

Two each of:

 Goldhead Prince Nymph #10, Goldhead Colixa Nymph #10 and Goldhead Hares Ear Flashback nymph.


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