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7 - Cone Head  Articulated Bunny Leech Assortment

7 - Cone Head Articulated Bunny Leech Assortment

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The bunny leech pattern is one of the most successful flies used in Alaska for big fish. Whether its trophy rainbows, big lakers & char, or voracious northern pike, bunny fur imparts an irresistible action which big fish can't pass up.

This assortment contains one each of seven colors.

By definition, the articulated leech is two or more flies, joined to make one long, wiggly, artificial, and  its life like swimming motion adds a degree of realism that drives fish nuts. 
  When you fish them with a strip retrieve, they bend at the joint, and then straighten with a strip, resulting in a swimming leech.

Pro tied with  Japanese bronze streamer hooks. Front hook is size #8, second  hook is #8

Fly Length 3 to 4 inches


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